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The Best Spanish Fashion Brands you need to know

España es famosa por su comida, por sus playas, sus magnificas ciudades como Madrid, Barcelona o Valencia además de tener una de las mejores industrias de la moda en todo el mundo. Hay un gran número de Spanish fashion brands que valen mucho la pena conocer tanto de moda para mujer como para hombre, ademas de varias marcas de accesorios. Aquí te hablaremos de algunas de las más famosas y otras que debes de tener en tu radar.


Being a brand of great tradition, with a style that has been totally renewed in recent years and that also use the highest quality materials, there is no better way to start with the list of best Spanish fashion brands than with Loewe. It is considered as the great iberic luxury fashion brand being the best that the fashion industry of this country has to offer. Its factory is very close to Madrid, where its flagship stores are also located.

Although they are a brand with more than 150 years of history, lately they have gained great notoriety. And this was thanks to the signing of the famous designer Jonathan Anderson as creative director. Anderson has given its touch to the brand, completely renewing it by making new designs that have attracted a lot of attention both in their clothes and accessories. Among the latter stand out bags like the Puzzle or the matchless and timeless Amazona bag.


Now we will talk about a brand that is already known around the world: Zara. There is no doubt that it is one of the Spanish fashion brands with the largest number of followers, as they have stores everywhere. Even many people do not know that this is a Spanish brand. Its origins are in Galicia where its headquarters are still located. The company that owns Zara is Inditex, a name that also owns other shops that you will see in this list.

Best Spanish Fashion Brands

It’s a little complicated that some fashionista doesn’t know this store. But if you haven’t heard about it we can tell you that Zara is a fast fashion brand in which you will find a huge amount of clothes for women, men and children. They always have new things in their stores ranging from basics to the newest fashions. Their clothes aren t expensive, so you can buy a complete nice outfit without spending much.

Massimo Dutti

If you are a fan of Spanish fashion brands, you have to meet Massimo Dutti. We could say that this brand is Zara s older sister. This is not because their style is for older people, but it is more sophisticated, elegant and use better materials. It is characterized by having a timeless style that does not go out of fashion, both in its collections for women and men. They are also recognized for their leather products, including jackets, skirts or vests.

Best Spanish Fashion Brands

After the disappearance of Uterqüe (another brand owned by the same company) and which was known for its riskier and eclectic style, nowdays Massimo Dutti has taken its place with its Studio collection. It is quite different from its regular collection since avant-garde cuts predominate, the use of more lively and fun colors and being considered more trendy.

CH Carolina Herrera

This is the lifestyle brand of the famous designer with the same name. Not to be confused with Carolina Herrera New York, which is a luxury brand. Although the designer is Venezuelan, this brand is from Spain. It has spectacular designs in bags, wallets, shoes, belts and handkerchiefs. Not all the good that this brand has are its accessories, since also the clothes are quite good. The menswear collection is characterized by the use of three colors: blue, red and white. In the other hand, women’s clothing has a more classic, chic and elegant style.


Many people consider this as the direct rival of Zara, but Mango shines with its own light. They opened their first stores in Barcelona in 1985. From the beginning the brand has had a lot of popularity and therefore has grown rapidly. This is thanks to its modern designs, good quality and that its prices are not very high. It is very likely that you can find something good in their store, since they do not marry a single type of fashion style and sell a little of everything.

Best Spanish Fashion Brands

It is also a very good option to consider if you want to buy plus size clothing as they have quite different designs. Their accessories section is not left behind as they have wallets, scarves or hats for men as well as lovely bracelets or earrings for women. In some countries the brand is known as MNG for legal issues, but they sell the same type of clothing in all their stores.

Purificación García

Purificación García is a Spanish designer who founded a fashion brand with her name in 1981 and has become one of the references of Spanish fashion. You may find the style of this brand a bit similar to CH Carolina Herrera. And you won’t be wrong since the two stores belong to the same company. It is a little cheaper so it is a good option that you should check. Purification Garcia bags are among the most wanted products from the brand like the Origami model.

Best Spanish Fashion Brands

For many people, men’s clothing from this brand is better than women’s. This is thanks to its good and modern designs especially in sweaters, jackets and even suits. Its logo is a small square that is in all its garments and accessories, where the use of the designer’s name also stands out. It has stores in Miami and San Antonio, several countries in Latin America and Europe or Qatar.


Clothes and shoes with relaxed but cool style at the same time is what Scalpers has to offer. They are a relatively young brand but have earned a spot among the best Spanish fashion brands for what we said before, being popular with young men. Its symbol is a skull that you can see in their clothes or also in their sneakers, some of the best that the brand sells. You can also buy beach clothes here either t-shirts, short sleeve shirts or swimsuits. For a long time they were a brand exclusively for men, but now they already have a collection of women’s clothing that you should look out.

El Ganso

With a style that is casual and fun, not very high prices and quite cool clothes. That’s why El Ganso is one of the Spanish fashion brands that should be in the men’s wardrobe. The best-selling garment of this brand are their shirts. There are from single-color shirts that you can wear for formal occasions, as well as others that combine different shades and prints for a more casual look.

You should also check the different designs in their t-shirts and sweatshirts, where also predominates the colorful style of the brand and its logo (which is a goose, which is the name of the brand. Another of the best things about El Ganso are sneakers. There are a variety of colors, and also materials ranging from suede to canvas or even sneakers made of jute.

Pull & Bear

Now that you’ve met Zara’s older sister, it’s time to introduce yourself to her younger sister, Pull & Bear. It has a more youthful design, where streetstyle predominates including t-shirts (with anime prints, tv shows and more), sweatshirts and oversized clothing. Pants are also one of their garments that you should check, as there is a huge variety of style ranging from jeans, pants made with vegan leather or cargo style.

Best Spanish Fashion Brands

In other words: everything that new trends dictate you will find in Pull & Bear. It is also cheaper than the other brands from the same company. If you liked his style, you can not miss other Inditex brands that are also similar like Bershka and Stradivarius.

Bimba y Lola

Bimba and Lola are the names of the designers who created this one that is one of the Spanish fashion brands that you should take into account. This is one of the most popular brands in recent years, and you definitely have to know why thousands and thousands of women carry their bags in Spain and Latin America.

Whether you like cross-body bags, you prefer a shopper style or a backpack here there is a lot to choose from and the best thing is that their prices are not high. Although the most famous that the brand has are its accessories thy also sell clothes and shoes, also with an excellent design. These include dresses and skirts with amazing prints that attract a lot of attention.


Once you know what Brownie has to offer, you will know why it is one of the most used Spanish fashion brands among young women in that country. With a boho chic style, classy and very fashionable, this brand is a favorite to wear to music festivals, college or also for special occasions. The must-see clothes for this brand are their dresses. It is very wide the diversity of styles that they have. Something excellent is that all are wonderful being able to find something for every occasion. If you liked the boho style of the brand you can complement your outfit in this same store with a jacket, a bag or a belt.


Many fashion companies boast of being eco-friendly by using a very low percentage of recycled cotton on some of their garments or something like that. Ecoalf, for its part, manufactures its clothes using a large majority of recycled materials such as polyester, ocean yarn (made with plastic bottles) or recycled wool among others. And the result is magnificent because when you buy some of their jackets (their best selling product), sweaters, shirts or pants not only are you helping the planet but you also get very nice designed clothing. You can get the clothes of this brand on their website or in other online stores like Farfetch.